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Binary options trading app reviews

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NEO2 Trading APP Review!

The famous binary options trader Michael Freeman involved!

Is Mike’s Auto Trader 2, Going to really change the world?

This review has everything you need to know, about this trading system!

NEO2 Trading APP is new auto trading binary options system! According to the presentation! This innovative service is based on combination between, Solar Tracking Algorithm and Cutting Edge Auto Trading Algorithm. Everyone are crazy about this trading service since there are very famous names involved. Our in-depth review will provide all the information needed to confirm, the legitimacy of this investment app!

NEO2 Trading APP Review, details!

There are few personalities involved with this trading system. We will say few words about all of them starting from the main face Dr. Jack Piers. He is the CEO of Neo Square, weather enthusiast and weather forecaster.

Few words about him: He worked at NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), and he is obsessed from lunar activities and their effect on earth. Knowing that information in advance and how it impacts our economics, he realized that this is key ingredient in finding emerging trends. Specifically knowing days in advance the future price change of the commodities. He’s main goal become to create auto trading software, which can automatically track the activities of the sun and impact on the earth! Based on that information the software must execute trading positions on full autopilot. Problem was that Dr. Piers is weather caster not a programmer or trading specialist!

That’s the part where Michael Freeman joins the NEO2 Trading APP! After meeting between Jack and Michael they immediately realized the golden opportunity. To create innovative and unseen so far trading system.

Michael Freeman is probably the most recognizable person in binary options community. He owns Facebook Private Signals Group with over 6000 members and the biggest YouTube trading oriented channel! He is well-known professional trading analysis, auto-trading algorithm developer and trading teacher.

Those two genius mind was needing only one thing. A person who can connect the ultra-low latency weather prediction algorithm of Jack, with the Mike’s cutting edge auto trading software.

That’s when the Silicon Valley protégé Amit Gupta came into the picture. Amit Gupta is the Lead Programmer into the NEO2 Trading APP project. On first sight his task was easy, to create a user friendly 3 click web-based trading platform. The platform must be easy to operate by people without any trading experience or financial knowledge.  After few months of developing he succeeded! The result was astonishing, every user who has the knowledge to open his email will be able to use the NEO2 Auto Trader!

Everything in 3 simple steps:

  1. Click Neo Sync! Will automatically plug the system into the matrix solar tracker!
  2. Push the Trade Algo button! Start the autotrading algorithm and NEO2 Auto Trader will start converging the both systems together!
  3. Once the yellow lights are on click on the big START BUTTON. That’s it!


After you turn on the NEO2 Auto Trader everything else will be executed automatically on your behalf! No presence on the computer or mobile is required!

The combination of those 2 algorithms is what sets apart NEO2 AutoTrading service, from all other binary options robots! Leaving them to smell the dust!!

Estimate Profits and Endorsements, which gives the NEO2 Trading APP credibility!

Initial testing of Mikes Auto Trader 2 proof 85% success rate. Verified by Michael Freeman’s Facebook Group, which by the way has over 6000 members!


All this beta testing group will be preparation of! A worlds’ biggest funding platform for creative projects. Used by users all around the globe to fund and build community around their creative work.

After NEO2 System gets on Kickstarter the price tag will be rise from FREE to ,900 per license. The focus group will assure lifetime free access to all participants. To be honest after we saw the results which Neo Square provides! We think that even the price of 00 is worth paying! Estimated proven profits per week are proven to be little over 00!! Well they don’t even come close to what most scam services sites claim! Because they are real, proven and realistic!

Anyway there is no pushing tactic or false countdown banners, you can register anytime during the beta focus group!

On top of everything we have full endorsement by all reputed industry blogs! Including the most skeptical once! In the end of the Neo Square presentation video we even saw the famous Jesse Heiman! The guy who kissed the top model Bar Rafaeli, in Super Bawl Commercial back in 2013. The man described NEO2 Auto Trader as the biggest tech innovation on 2016!


Actually so far we have never written so positive review for a binary options service. NEO2 Software is really something unseen so far. We couldn’t find any dubious content on or outside while we were researching the social media! The people involved with this amazing BO system are absolutely real. Basically Michael Freeman is something like binary options guru! If, he is endorsing it, there is definitely something special here. We highly recommend NEO2 System for signing!

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