Posted on August 10, 2016

Binary options trading signals youtube

We are a fully transparent binary options trading signals service and our main goal is to help our clients make real profits with binary options trading.

There are many trading signals services that are set-up exclusively by internet marketers who don't know anything about trading. The stories they present are made up entirely for the selling purposes and the signals they sell usually have very poor performance.

Our service is different. I am a real trader with many years of experience and this is my true story ...



About the Developer

My name is Bojan and and I started trading binary options in 2012 by pure chance. At first I didn't have a clue what it is all about.

I bought an online trading system with 'classic' big profit promise for 40 bucks, only to see that I have to join a binary options broker to be able to use this system for trading. So I invested 0 more, to see what it is all about. I traded 60 second trades and I made it to 0 in a day. The next day I lost it all. But the thing caught my interest. Is it really so easy to make profit? What are these charts all about? How can I find a consistency in winning, a system? 

I started researching the whole matter and found a bunch of non-functional or half-functional strategies presented in different youtube videos and on various websites. But each piece of information helped me learn about the market and understand different aspect of trading.

I spent the whole next year in research, practice on the demo and trading on the real account. I changed a broker and got a good one, where I was also able to learn more from their webinars. That's when I started making my first profits. I learned that I also need to make withdrawals here and there. So I managed to cover my initial losses - but my trading was far from perfect or consistent with the results.

Developing My Own Strategies

After I acquired more knowledge I started developing my own trading strategies. These were far from perfect - I did not apply proper money management and I was not consistent with my approach. The more I traded, the more I knew about the market, and then the main problem became that I didn't have the discipline to stick to a single strategy. I always saw an opportunity to enter the trade with one system or another.

Mostly I traded high-frequency systems and I was able to pull out bigger profits in really short amount of time and at other times I made losses. But I was always starting with small investments and pushing them to the limit with high-risk approach before withdrawal, so I was swimming well above the surface.

My next goal was to improve the stability. That's when I started studying systematic approach and developing my own custom indicators and algorithms and applying different money management techniques to improve the consistency of my trading. I was able to greatly improve the results of all my previous strategies, which beforehand lacked the systematic approach. I went back to manual trading and made some great results with high frequency strategies which I further upgraded.

Starting the Signal Service

As I already had a lot of experience with development of trading algorithms and systems, I decided that the best way would be to make my own binary options signals service. This way I can keep the source of the strategy and I can only share the exact information about what and when to trade. The only problem was that my best strategies were based on manual technical analysis, where trades had to be entered in the exact moment when the situations (signals) occurred. And I did not want to make another service that would serve signals too late. I had enough experience from reviewing other services, so I knew this is one of the most common mistakes which other signals providers make. 

The Advantages of Real Binary Options Signals

I wanted to make a service where the results would be good and consistent, where you would get the alerts early, so every trade could be placed in time, and where there would be no need to sit in front of the computer, but you could trade anytime and anywhere. Many hours, days, weeks and months were invested into development of the algorithms and complete solution that would support such system.

After a year of dedicated work and demo testing I came up with a fully developed solution. And after I was able to reproduce very profitable results on my real account, I was ready to set up a service.

At that point I had to gather a team of programmers to help me build the whole infrastructure connected with the service - SMS and e-mail delivery systems, user management, billing and support and other website and technical issues, that needed to be set and tested before we would be ready to open to the public.

We worked hard for over three months before all was finally set.

We can now offer you a fully functional low-risk/high-profit binary options trading solution which is simple to use for anyone who wants to profit from binary options.



About Real Binary Options Signals and Algorithms

Besides developing very reliable algorithms for binary options trading signals, we have also developed a complete trading system.

We learned a lot from mistakes of other signal providers, so we have set many requirements for ourselves in order to make the best binary options signals service.

We wanted to make a service where the results would be good and consistent, where you would get the alerts early, so every trade could be placed in time, and where there would be no need to sit in front of the computer but you could trade anytime and anywhere.

Many months were invested into development of a complete solution from scratch, that would support such system.

We are very happy and proud that we can finally offer what we believe it is the best binary options signals service in the online market today.


How our Algorithms Were Developed?

Our algorithms are based on knowledge and experience acquired during three years of active binary options trading with technical analysis and over two years of experience with building of custom indicators and trading algorithms. It took us over one year of dedicated work to perfect our best algorithms and fully develop this signal service.

In the process we cross-checked over 40 indicators with different settings in hundreds of combinations and over-exposed them to different statistical systems and scenarios. We filtered out the systems with best results and we used the information which we collected to shape these algorithms into signals that can be provided ahead of time.

We wanted to make our signals 100% user friendly and trade-able, stable and profitable. With an average of 49 trading alerts per month and average of 28 resulting in confirmed trade, we managed to find a solution for how not to disturb our clients to much with constant SMS or email alerts and still serve enough signals to make them short-term and long-term profitable.

At this point Real Binary Options Signals is probably the only service that sends binary options signals ahead of time.


How our Algorithms Work?


Screenshot of the actual trading algorithm which we use for our signals.



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